How to Make the Best Homemade Pizza Dough

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    How to Make the Best Homemade Pizza Dough

    If you are having trouble making the perfect homemade pizza dough, the Best Pizza in FB Area Karachi is here for the rescue. The Angry Pizza Restaurant in Karachi knows the struggle of preparing a basic pizza from yeast. So, we have come up with 6 ingredients that can guide you in your pizza dough recipe. You read it right! With 6 ingredients and no extra flavors to add, the recipe is the perfect combination of kneading and making your own dough at home in just 15 minutes.

    Before we start with the basic pizza dough recipe, let’s take some time to read some of the frequently asked questions.

    Is It Okay To Add Flavors To My Dough?

    As the dough is the basis of your pizza, it is advised not to add flavors to it. Also, if you are worried that your pizza dough will be tasteless, the dough and the toppings you are going to add will make a perfect combination for your taste buds.

    Which Flour Is Best For Homemade Pizza Dough?

    Although there are several different types of flour, bread flour works wonders for the homemade pizza dough recipe. It also serves as a catalyze to get crispier crust without following a best pizza crust Karachi recipe. Here the purpose flour is fulfilled, as getting a crispy crust is what we all look in our pizzas.

    How To Lay The Perfect Dough?

    The best practice is to knead the dough with a rolling pin. If you have already mastered the art of kneading the homemade easy pizza dough with your hands then you can use your skill to prepare it. Flat and stretch the dough until it reaches the desired width. Only then roll the edges of your dough to have a thicker crust. After you have a flat dough, brush olive oil all over the surface and poke holes in the dough with the help of a fork. This prevents the dough from bubbling up and bursting out.

    Since the dough is laid and polished with olive oil, it is time to give away the perfect homemade pizza dough recipe. So, you can follow the steps and prepare your own dough in no time.

    Basic Dough Ingredients:

    The ingredients you are going to require for preparing quick and easy dough hook are stated below.

    1. bread flour – 2- 2 1/3 cup
    2. yeast – 2 ¼ teaspoon
    3. sugar – 1 ½ teaspoon
    4. salt – ¾ teaspoon
    5. garlic powder – 1/8 or ¼ teaspoon (optional)
    6. olive oil – 2 tablespoon
    7. warm water – ¾ cup

    Easy Instructions:

    • First, mix the active dry yeast with 1 cup of flour, sugar, and salt. Once the yeast mixture is properly combined with other ingredients, add garlic powder or dried basil if required and put it in a large bowl.
    • Add water and olive oil as the required quantity and mix it gently with a wooden spoon.
    • Wait 5 minutes before adding another cup of water to observe whether the yeast mixture is active or not. When you see it rising a bit, continue to the next step.
    • Add another 1 cup of flour to the mixture and mix it again. Blend it until all the ingredients are completely mixed.
    • Stir and stir until the flour is transformed into a dough, an elastic ball that is sticky in nature.
    • Take another large bowl and move the dough in the new utensil. Before putting it in the new bowl, with olive oil brush the sides and depth of the bowl so that the dough does not stick to the container.
    • Drip your hands in the dough to avoid sticking it to your fingers. Hold the dough and make a ball-shaped structure, mixing it with the olive oil that is brushed to the surface of the large bowl.
    • Once the dough is in a round-shaped form, tightly cover the top of the container with a plastic wrap and set it in a warm place.
    • Dough rising might take a little time, wait 30 minutes till it gets doubled in size. If you want to use your oven to bake the dough, it is advised to preheat it at a temperature of 215C.
    • Once the dough is doubled in size, gently deflate the dough onto a flat surface. Make sure the surface is a lightly flavored surface covered in flour to prevent the dough from sticking.
    • Knead thoroughly for 3-5 times either by hand or rolling pin.
    • Transfer the fully deflated dough onto a pizza pan covered with a parchment paper. Remember to roll your edges to get a crispier crust.
    • Brush the extra olive oil on the dough before adding flavors and spices on your pizza stone. Also, pokes holes on the top of the dough to avoid bursting it once it is in the oven.
    • Now, add desired toppings like cheese, chicken, onions, pepperoni, jalapenos, and capsicum according to your taste buds.
    • After adding the toppings, put the pizza pan in the preheated oven and bake at 215C.
    • Check whether your homemade pizza dough is changing color from white to light brown similarly as the toppings are.
    • Lastly, after baking 13-15 minutes serve your pizza when ready.


    • If you want a light but crispy dough, don’t use a rolling pin when kneading the flour.
    • Remember not to overheat the pizza pan. This will make your dough look soft and you won’t enjoy eating a pizza while the toppings are falling down.
    • Also, if you have any uncooked area on your pizza, you can reheat it by placing the area on top that needs more baking.
    • Try making a rectangle or triangle-shaped pizza after you have mastered the round-shaped pizza pan.
    • To give your pizza more flavor, try smoking it with charcoal once it is heated in the oven.

    If you are still struggling to make the perfect homemade pizza dough, you can always head to the Angry Pizza – the Best Pizza in F.B Area Karachi to fulfill your desires.

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